Hmm, update time. So I went ahead and got my PSP slim and I have to say I love it. It is very lite(tm) and very slim(tm) and the color is great! I mentioned that I was getting the Star Wars one, I saw it and meh, instead I picked up the silver Daxter Bundle:

I chose this one because I wanted to sell my old scuffed up PSP for a decent price, so I took the Daxter game (I already had it), the Family Guy UMD (don’t want it) and the 1GB memory stick (already have one) and bundled them together at 200 bucks on Kajiji. This way I basically paid for my new unscuffed, lighter, longer lasting PSP in a swag shiny and not as easily dirty color.

So one of the major new features of the PSP Slim and Lite is the TV out functionality. I tried it after buying the official Sony Cable (amazingly enough Best Buy, Future Shop and EB games did not have the cable, I found it at Zellers of all places) and while I am impressed I am puzzled as well. I have a 37″ Sharp Aquos mini God 1080p television and when the output (over component of course) is displaying the XMB and home screen of the PSP the entire screen is in use, when a game loads it windows on the screen and I lose about 25% of the viewing space (I will posta picture later). I have no idea why it does this, why would the home screen be full screen and the game partial screen? I am hoping this will be addressed in a PSP firmware update soon, not a huge deal…but annoying. I shoudl mention that setup of this feature was seamless, I have even set a button on my Harmony remote to be the PSP mode and audio comes out through my speakers as well…very nice.

Next Geek Topic, I am an angry Geek, I pre-ordered The Eye of Judgement at the local EB Games, never received a call to pick it up as it was released on Tuesday the 23rd of November. Last night I prepared my game space so I could truly Geek out and then drove to EB Games to Pick it up. ‘Sorry Man’ I was told, ‘We didn’t receive any yet’ What the F???? Why the Hell did I pre-order then? So you could laugh at the uber-geek when he is upset that his physical/virtual ccg PS3 game is not in stock??? Cripes…So I will be scouring the futures shops/Best Buys and EB games locally at lunch today…frick….I want this in my house now!!

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