So I am pulling myself away from other games for the most part to play through and finish The Last Remnant. Aside from a few nights stints on Rock Band 2 I am being fairly successful. Why am I forcing myself to play the game? Well I am writing a review of it for BlogCritics and I have a policy of finishing games before reviewing them.

I have to say that the game has so many neat hooks, it is a crying shame it does it’s best to make you not want to explore them.

-There is a mining activity that nets you materials to customize/build weapons
-Many, many guild quests encourage you to hunt down certain types of monsters or buidl certain party types.
-Side quests are available in Taverns to net you rewards and new experiences.

The issue is that the broken game system, encounter issues, constant loads and texture draw in annoyances make you not want to do any of these things. For example, I got a quest to help this old guy find a sword. Instead of letting you choose when to look for the man, the game instantly transports you to the area. You then have to make your way to where he is (with no hints). On the way the monsters are visible, but try to attack you on sight, even if they are drastically overmatched. I really wanted to bypass all encounters as they were easy and netted no value, but the creatures always followed and attacked me.

Then when you battle the constant loads and texture issues make it a real chore. To top it off the current battle I HAVE to face to advance the story is incredibly difficult so I have to grind and level up…some games it is fun to grind…this one, not so much.

Ah well, back to it tonight…

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