Let’s take a U-turn right now, I am a monstrous coffee fan. I have a really great full auto espresso machine that my brother (he IS the coffee Geek) gave me for my wedding and I have at least 2 great Americano’s every day.

Never thought I would ever be a tea drinker as my only experience was with my mother’s Orange Pekoe and that was tasteless and bland compared to a great coffee. A few years back I was at a sales event at a resort and they had tea’s from a company called Mighty Leaf (neat play on words if you say it out). I didn’t really care until I smelled the most amazing scent. They have this one tea called Green Tea Tropical, it smells amazing and tastes almost as good. I drank about 5 of them a day and stole about 20 bags when I left.

Once I returned home a colleague and I bought a 100 pack of the tea. I finished mine last year but she recently moved to Australia and found about 20 packs she thought she had finished. She has given them to me and I am now reliving the greatness of this tea.

If you are a tea fan I would really encourage you to check out Mighty Leaf Tea and try some of their flavors (especially the Tropical Green). It is an expanding tea that is in a silk tea bag. It is as decadent as it sounds. I would like to mention the cup in the pictures as well. A good friend of mine lived in Korea for some time teaching and for Christmas (or was it birthday?) one year she sent me this amazing tea cup set (there are two of them). They also came with diffusers for loose tea. Look at the craftmanship of the cup! I swear tea tastes better in this then in a regular cup.

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