Okay, I know I am ganking from Penny Arcade…but seriously…WTF?? Gillette has come out with a a razor called the, wait for it, Gillette Fusion Power Gamer. Yes that is right a razor, and I quote, that ‘has a high tech design that allows every man to get in the game.’

I cannot describe the stupidity of this marketing ploy. Let’s break it down:

  • It is the Fusion, which is five blades…which is already ridiculous and was parodied by The Onion 5 fucking years ago, the fact that gillette made this is ridiculous. Five blades are just two more then is necessary to already rip up my face.
  • The ‘spokesmen’ of Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter and Roger Federer are normally some cool and talented duded. But they are given the worst CG treatment I have seen in some time. They look like Wii level designs, not the stunning PS3/X360 models we see in real games
  • What the FUCK makes this a gaming razor? Because lots of people play games and the demographic is mostly male? Kudos marketing monkey, kudos. Oh by the way, this is Epic Fail and I hope you and your group are fired.

The wonderful image of our gillette chapions below.

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