Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been incredibly busy at work and home. I have been doing some portable gaming, but last night was my first time back on the consoles in over a week. Played some Fable 2 last night and I have to say the Plot Twist of 10 years passing was really weak and the aftermath was very casual…oh you are back? Great! Even my wife in the game was made happy with some compliments and a jewel!

Most of what I have been playing though is a severely broken game…Dungeons and Dragons Tactics for the PSP. The game has so many things it does well:

-Real rules, real feel. The game nails the rules of D&D and makes you have to think about the actions you perform
-Classes feel right. My mage needs to stay in the rear, the Cleric is deadly to undead and my fighter is a tank.
-Traps, chests, loot and monsters. The thief is essential, the monsters are challenging and it is a blast to get loot.
-Levelling is so much fun. I always loved the customization in D&D, here when you level you really tailor the character to what you want them to be.

Unfortunately the game, as mentioned, is broken, it has such greatness but many things hold it back and make it somewhat painful to play:

-The interface is truly horrible. Too large a font, too many trees to navigate through, confusing inventory management, awkward equipment screens all hamper the playing of the game. If they had employed a radial menu (Neverwinter Knights) and a paperdoll equipment screen (any proper RPG) things would have been much nicer.
-Graphical issues. The engine is capable but there are some huge missteps. There is no transparency option on the environment, trees, buildings and other assets often block your view and the awkward camera makes it hard to figure out what is going on. The game is way too dark as well, no brightness option makes it hard to determine a course.
-What am I doing? Sometimes there is little direction and you get turned around in a mission. Add that to the stilted movement options and missions can drag.

While the core game is great the interface and graphics issues make it a game that most people will avoid. It is a shame as it is a deep, complex and fun (if you are patient) take on the D&D Universe.

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