I just don’t know what to do. I am incredibly intrigued by inFAMOUS and concerned as well.

-Graphics, world and models look really, REALLY good
-Action system seems very robust and user friendly
-Powers seem powerful from the most part and have great effects
-traversal system is cool, lots of ways to get a round
-Seems to have a meaty story (now that I have read the first issue of the comic)

-Coles model!! Could it be any more generic? Scowling with a buzz cut…at least his outfit is somewhat cool…but seriously could they not do better then this? Also didn’t this guy just star in the Force Unleashed?

-The in-game story animation in all the trailers is laughable. Whole body shrugs, heads that don’t move and poor eye movement. It is shameful really
-Will it stay fun? I hope there is a lot up their sleeves we have not seen yet. The game seems fun…until you’ve lobbed lightning at your zillionth enemy. I haven’t played it yet so I have no experience…but I am worried.
-Sandbox games always worry me, they tend to meander too much…too much artificial hobbling of the city and your character.

I will probably still get it, will try the demo first and wait for some early reviews though. At least the Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta is not a pre-order bonus!


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