So I listen to Prince and only Prince nearly 95% of my music listening time. Seriously. In fact I own 37 Prince albums, ripped them all to MP3, created a private streaming station on my server and burned three MP3 Prince CD’s (120+ songs on each disc) for car listening.

Lately I have been in a techno mood so, GASP, I did not listen to Prince for about 3 months. Instead I listened to Crystal Method (love the new disc Divided by Night), MSTRKRFT, Underworld, Freelands Cope and Paul OakenFolds Perfecto Vegas. Loved listening to all of this, Crystal Method stood head and shoulder above the others but the vibe was great.

But like in the GodFather Prince keeps pulling me back in, I started listening to The Man again yesterday and damn is he good. Really, if you like music at all I can recommend at least 15-20 songs that you will A) not know is Prince and B) love enough that you sing, hum and move as he grooves.

Listening to D.M.S.R. makes me want to move and sing…

D.M.S.R. (LP Version) – Prince

Oh yeah, and in my humble opinion, Prince’s Band from the Musicology tour was the best he has had in 2 decades and way better then his current band (no offense). Watching them live, and in live videos they had chemistry, they joke around, played to each others AMAZING strengths and were just plain FUNKY!

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