Like everyone I go through cycles. Highs and lows, peaks and valleys. Right now I am in a low cycle, I am doubting myself, my friends, my confidence and at my new job my abilities. It happens from time to time, it will pass (hopefully), but to try to take my mind off, well, my mind, I have decided to try sketching again.

I used to be quite good, I was never amazing at original material, but sketching things I see and altering or preserving the look was a strength. My first stab was really, really horrible. I almost gave up for the night, but decided to try something different and tackled an image of the protagonist from Persona 4. I have the art book and have admired the style for a long time.

Here it is:

It is not complete, I will finish it tonight or tomorrow, but I am pretty happy with it thus far. Proud of this after not seriously holding a pencil in at least 12 years…

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