Should start actually blogging regularly since I am a techno Geek….Funny thing is I do blog, but it is on my groups blog The Geek Nighter Weblog read it if you dare, we have 7 years of archives and you will see everything from movie deets, game reviews, jokes, flames and everything under the sun.

On to other schtuff, my interests, this is my blog, so I will talk about me sometimes, other times other people or things.

PS3, hmm, just bought one, LOVE it, but no games, thankfully I have a dozen PS2 games in the to be played or finished pile (FF12, RE4, Okami, Rogue Galaxy, Devil May Cry 3, Kingdom Hearts 2, etc…) and Oblivion is on it’s way from a kindly ebay seller. What I love about my PS3? Blu-ray – ROCKS, Superman Returns is psycho on that thing, Super Stardust HD – Awesome, Upsampling of PS2, DVD’s and audio is just icing on the cake. Aside from that pickins are slim on the PS3, this year I have Home, Heavenly Sword, UT3, Uncharted, Lair and Folklore to look forward to.
Things I don’t like about my PS3? Hmmm, the lack of exclusives and new games suck. The fact that the PSN is empty of demos, skinpacks, graphics, extras, etc, is incredibly annoying since they are aware Microsoft has these things and aside from demos the other items are easy to add. Crpipes, even themepacks would kick butt, graphics from all the games, online magazines, music, movies, etc…all of this should be here.

-Music…hmm, just bought the new Prince cd – Planet Earth and aside from 2 songs and the remarkably Fey cover and inside picture I really like this album. It doesn’t have as many standout tracks as 3121 (his last CD) but Guitar, The One U Wanna C and Mr. Goodnight stuck out with me…still pissed that no Canadian or NorthEastern US dates have been announced on his tour, but I guess beggers can’t be choosers.
–Saw The Police in concert last week, I am a huge Police and major Sting fan and it was surreal to see them live considering I was 10 when they broke up originally. The concert was…good…I can’t say it was phenomenal, I did see Prince in concert after all, but it was good. The performance was solid, but I never had that feeling of euphoria you get in a really magically concert, I had it for Prince, I had it for an Aerosmith concert years ago, Holly McNarland killed me when I saw her (I am in love there as well), hell in high school it was there for a Bryan Adams concert. They simply toned down the songs too much, it wasn’t a party, it was like a memorial….yeah, now that I think on it, it seems like Sting and crew were singing for themselves and how they want to remember and envision the songs and we were just there, take it or leave it…

-Books, just finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, like the book immensely once the first half was done, it starts REAL slow and builds up well. The ending was satisfying and it made me smile and want more, exactly what you could hope for. I am also reading (yes all at the same time) – Altered Carbon, Wee Free Men, Honor among Enemies, Ilium and Agents of Chaos: Jedi Eclipse. All of them are very good reads except Ilium drags a bit which is a shame…love the Troy/greek mythology, love futuristic societies, love alien based crap, it just doesn’t flow. Why am I reading 5-6 books at a time…cause I get bored, have a great memory and love different styles of writing.

What else? well tons more, but will save those thoughts for tomorrow!

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