Bright Memory: Infinite Console Edition Review

Bright Memory: Infinite is a short but bright burst of sci-fi FPS action. Goofy story aside this is a fun experience from a small but talented developer.

Videogame Review: Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition

Released initially on PC via early Access, Phoenix Point is a strategy game designed by Julian Gollop, creator of the X-Com series, via the studio Snapshot Games, in partnership with Prime Matter. It had a successful launch with many expansions added as the game matured. Now the team has moved the strategy game to consoles, …

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PAX Online East – The Experience

During this long journey throughout the Pandemic throngs of gamers ached for a return to conferences in one form or another. Lat year as a replacement to PAX West the very first PAX Online was held. I noted that the schedule was a little long and the sheer amount of content was daunting. This year …

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Videogame Preview: Pathfinder: Wraith of the Righteous Beta

I had the opportunity to check out a Beta reveal presentation about Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous and I remember thinking how ambitious this game seemed as the developer outlined all it had to offer.  Once I had a chance to play the Beta I could see how developer Owlcat is brilliantly implementing a multitude …

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Videogame Review: Returnal

She slowly wakes up, seemingly thrown from her crashed ship, the Helios she remembers as the fog slowly lifts from her memories.  Good I have my sidearm this time. ‘Wait’, she thinks, ‘This time?’ The memories are scattered and disjointed but she remembers doing this over and over again. ‘Is this my third time?’ she …

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