Saw Quantum of Solace last night…let me give you a 10 second review:

It is SHIT, do not see this movie.

Alright…done…Ok, you know I am never done. I was going to write a blogcritics review about the movie, but they have a 200 word minimum and I am way below that…and I have no interest in writing one of my detailed reviews for this movie…point form it is then.

  • Action scenes were horribly, sorry, ABSOLUTELY horribly filmed. You could not make out anything that happened…EVER.
  • Story was incomprehensible. I am a pretty intelligent person, but this story was muddled, vacant, shallow and pointless.
  • The Bond girls where very 1 dimensional, Olga nice with some good moments, Fields…Fing useless.
  • The big bads (the general and Greene) were idiotic and useless.
  • The action sequences where horrible
  • The opening song and title sequence where absolutely horribly annoying.

This movie wasted huge opportunities, it is stylish, beautiful (at times) but the director absolutely ruined it.

I am done.

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  1. I didn’t mind the movie! It was a typical Bond flick, and I love Craig in the role. I also love his energy with M; Judi Dench never had that kind of snap in her scenes with Brosnan.However, the filming on the action scenes was complete shit.


  2. My issue is that the movie could have been so much more. Casino Royale brought Bond into a new dimension and the potential was there to blow every Bond movie out of the water.What do they do instead? A revenge movie that doesn’t even show us what he wants revenge for? I was never emotionally attached and the story/action was too muddled to salvage that aspect.M was truly great in this film…she walks like an old lady though and it takes some of her tough edge away…=-)


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