It’s funny how prevalent Music is in my life. Every car ride (and they are long ones), when I am working, when I exercise, when I am writing. Pretty much the only time I am not listening to music is when I am playing with my kids or watching movies/TV (not often).

Normally I exclusively listen to Prince. At work I access a server I built that streams all 600+ Prince Mp3’s I own to my laptop. In the car I have 3 Prince MP3 discs with 130+ songs on each of them, when exercising I play them on my MP3 player. Decided to take a break and dig out old CD’s and other music and it made me realize I have really varied tastes.

The first CD I plopped in was a Chemical Brothers MP3 disc that has the 5 CD’s I own from them on it. Techno has a time and place so I have also dug into my more traditional fare.

Next up I went back into my Sting catalog and listened to Ten Summoners Tales and Mercury Falling. have to say Ten Summoners is still one of my favorite CD’s from him. He drops the heavy tones from his earlier solo albums and has some really enjoyable songs like Love is Stronger then Justice, Seven Days and Nothin’ about me. It is a really great album and one worth listening to.

But the best so far and the one that has been played 6 times in a row is one I found by accident while looking for my Nirvana Unplugged in New York disc (amazing BTW). Peter Gabriel’s ‘Us’. This is an outstanding album with songs that somehow pull at me from an elemental level. I have to confess I am a car singer, but most times only Prince generates any volume from me (and believe me I belt those tunes out yo!). But during Us I have to say I am singing loud and proud, especially during Digging in the Dirt, Washing the Rain and Come Talk to Me. Any of these albums are worth owning, but ‘Us’ is something special that anyone can appreciate.

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