Graarrr…Fable 2, just finished it and God help me it was the worst ending sequence EVER!!

I actually was getting into Fable 2, I had a family going on in a town, I was covering many more side quests and I was digging the look of my character….except that as she got tougher she looked like a bodybuilder (as you level up strength skills you get beefier). I don’t think the designers knew how to show a physically strong female. The males look rugged and tough, the females look like transvestite weightlifters.

But I digress…the final sequence ends in no battle whatsoever and the end game has little payoff. There was no great cut scene, my reward of choice (you have three – a selfless choice, a selfish but nice choice and a greedy one…I chose the selfish but nice) gave no real discernible value or visual/mental payoff.

Games like this are far too common and should not be allowed…every time I have thought of a game story/design I always think of the ending near the beginning of the process. In this case much effort was made in the personalities of towns, villagers, NPC’s and your dog but the story elements were VERY lacking.

I think games like this need to start hiring writers to write a full story during development with a mandate that all key points must be demonstrated and the ending needs to have some serious impact in order to satisfy the gamer. I was very unfulfilled after completing the main quest. Most of my remaining missions need massive amounts of gold (buy properties and explore them). So I will leave it off for some time and accrue revenue from my properties (love that part of the game).

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