I am going to write up my review of The Crystal Method from my trip tro Montreal, thought it would be neat to post my live Twitter account here on the blog. The show was outstanding and I would love to see them again.

  1. Jer1ch0at another bar (parking), dancing till I drop…

  2. Jer1ch0show’s over…at a lame club…

  3. Jer1ch0no encore…awesome set though….

  4. Jer1ch0hmm…maybe not…

  5. Jer1ch0set finished…encore??

  6. Jer1ch0now tracks from Vegas!!!

  7. Jer1ch0TCM are older…but still in the now…

  8. Jer1ch0playing stuff from Tweekend!!!

  9. Jer1ch0crazy beats right now…everyone going crazy!!!10

  10. Jer1ch0crowd is moving like on remote control…

  11. Jer1ch0bass is actually moving my hair…amazing sound

  12. Jer1ch0energy level even higher…is that even possible?

  13. Jer1ch0playing a new track…it is banging!!

  14. Jer1ch0can’t stop moving, these guys know their business9

  15. Jer1ch0lights, bass and pure energy flowing like water

  16. Jer1ch0one of them mixes like he is playing piano, low and hard

  17. Jer1ch0The boys are double mixing and breaking the house

  18. Jer1ch0scratch finished with a bang, TCM next!

  19. Jer1ch0scratch’s mixing skills are crazy

  20. Jer1ch0Vibe is high and the crowd is feeling the music

  21. Jer1ch0DJ scratch is opening for TCM and KILLING the house

  22. Jer1ch0press pass and photo pass in hand…pre-show starts at 8pm

  23. Jer1ch0heading to Metropolis to see The Crystal Method soon!!

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