Penn and Teller Bullshit focused on video game violence recently and it was pretty good. They actually took a kid and brought him to a gun range to see if he would love shooting things (since he is a violent deviant gamer).

I had an issue with the mom letting him play violent games, he does not play GTA, but he does play Call of Duty and similar games. At nine years old I think he is too young for that and my son (whether he likes it or not) will not be playing those games in a year or two.

Good take on violence and while not crazy in depth (because it has to be entertaining) it gets its point across. In particular the reference to football and how it would be perceived if it was just introduced today (in a world where sterile and safe video games are the favored and approved pastime) considering all the injuries and even deaths that occur every year in America.

The point they attempt to make is the perception people have of games and the parenting of these children that is key. Be a good parent and much of the ‘issues’ go away.

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