I am a sucker for great 2d fighting games, a new one BazBlue has really caught my eye. I have buddies playing it and they can’t stop talking about it. I also love the fact that the limited edition is a free upgrade from the regular and gamestop offers a huge art book when you purchase…the game looks crazy good, I would put money down (mine) that I will have it by tomorrow.

Limited Edition deets…

2-Disc, 42 track, BlazBlue soundtrack! (that’s right, 42 tracks, that’s 13 more tracks than the previously released original soundtrack in Japan!) – Done!

And finally, the pride and enjoy of this Limited Edition; the bonus disc that contains tutorials, created by top players of Dustloop.com and Shoryuken.com. The tutorial will breakdown the basics and advanced strategies per character. It’ll even walk you through various combos, that will challenge the combo fiend in all of us. And just when you think you can’t get enough of it, we’ve included high level match play, so that you can see the strategy and tactics in play. Narration is also done by the players themselves plus a special guest star…

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