I should mention that the laptop purchase was not all clear sailing, I had serious issues just getting a status update last week, perhaps the worst customer service I had ever experienced.

Below is the e-mail I sent Ronald Garriques – President of Consumer products for Dell:

Hello Mr. Garriques, I am sorry to disturb you as I am sure you are very busy but I had a recent issue when ordering a consumer laptop that I wanted to bring to an executive level. I recently ordered a new Studio 17 laptop (on the 26th in the early AM) and have yet to receive any updates so I decided to call support to see the status of my order.

When I reached someone in customer service they bounced me to online sales where I was on hold for over 30 minutes. As soon as the online sales rep answered and I told her what I wanted she transferred me back to customer service without even trying to assist me. Once I reached customer service (another 10 minute wait) the gentleman was extremely rude to me. That portion of the call started at approximately 2:45 today (Nov.27th) ending at 3:15PM and was extremely disatisfying (and disheartening) from a customer experience.

Without even asking my name he insisted that my order is not ready to discuss and that he would not look up my account. When I asked him politely to take my name and investigate he again flatly refused to look into it. I work for a National Telecom and I managed our support and provisioning teams here in the past and was appalled by his marked lack of any interest in doing his job. I then asked him to pass me to his supervisor or manager and he flatly refused to do either, even go so far as to lie to me saying he cannot transfer calls. I was actually dumbfounded at this and then asked him his name so I could call back and address the issue. He also flatly refused to give me his name, I was speaking to a customer service representative and he refused time and again to make any minimal effort to help this customer. At the end of the call I was insistent on getting his name or transferred to his manager, he still refused to do any of this or even to take my name and check the order still and then hung up on me with a thank you.

I am shocked that in this time of economic recovery and a realization that customer service levels are at an all time low that actions like this can happen at a company as respected as Dell Canada. I would appreciate a response to my issues and a reprimand to that employee or to the outsourcing company that manages your overseas support.

Below are my order details, I still have no idea what the financing options are, if the order is approved nor do I even have an order number.

Thank you for any assistance.

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