So my son is a big fan of Lego and Transformers right now and he astounded me with his latest creation. He loved Laserbeak in the new Transformers movie and decided to look up the original Transformer to see what it was like:

He was determined to make his own version, and out of Lego at that. I couldn’t believe it as it took form, but he made one that transforms between the retro cassette version:

And a fully articulating Vulture version. The wings rotate, neck moves up and down, even the legs move. If I recall it is probably more movable then the original G1 Transformer!

He is also making a Soundwave, can’t wait to see how that one goes!!

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  1. Wow That is awesome!Seriously that is one of the coolest transforming Lego creations I have seen.How old is your son?Might have a future in toy design :0)CheersIngerThe Brick Life


  2. Thanks for the comment! He is 10 and way more talented then I ever was. When he was 8 he re-created 2 scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark in Lego (moving traps and all). I was astounded. He is interested in joining that life for sure, will keep encouraging him for sure!


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