Dad Plays Games at Lunch Episode 5 – The Evil Within

Welcome to another episode of Dad Plays Games at Lunch Episode this time I take a look at The Evil Within!  I like me some horror games and this one was masterminded by the team that made Resident Evil so it promised to be a scary one and mostly it delivers.  The Evil Within starts very tense but ends up actiony and then tense again and I kinda like it.  The game is very Japanese though with weird characters, stereotypical male/female personas and lots of yelly exposition.

The art style is really cool though with a dank/dirty grimy veneer that makes the game very atmospheric.  The Evil Within did not blow the doors of the gaming industry but it was a modest success and a bloody good time.  It has been out for a while so fairly cheap steam copies are pretty easy to find.  Make sure to play with headphones on and the lights lowered…enjoy me trying to get through part of the game and failing pretty hard at times!

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