Dad Plays Games at Lunch Episode 6 – Alien Isolation

I had a look at the Crew Expendable DLC in Alien Isolation as I had never tried the DLC before.  I really loved the fact that the original cast came back in and played their characters, unfortunately it felt like they literally phoned the lines in.  I am sure the budget and timing was tough to negotiate, but the performances are not what they could have been.  Regardless it was a really nice touch.  A drawback to the DLC is it seems that you cannot save and restart where you left off and that it all has to be played in one go, thankfully it is short and I explore the whole story in this playthrough.

The gameplay is tough and very tense and as you can see in the playthrough I died more than a few times.  Well, I actually died more than a few times, and in the end finished the short DLC which leads us back into the Alien Movie.  I hope you enjoy this episode, although my goodbyes at the end are cut off, the full game is truly beautiful, scary and a true addition to the Alien Legacy.

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