So I am a huge Prince fan, I have mentioned this before.

Prince has recently launched a New Site that has me very excited. First it looks a lot like the old NPGMusic club site and he has promised the following:
-Listen to new tracks
-Buy concert tickets and music
-Watch videos and exclusive content

The most exciting part of all this, to me at least, is the buy concert tickets bullet point. Do my dreams of another tour appear to be coming true?

Also Prince has publicly said to the LA Times:

Prince will release not one, but three albums in the new year. He’s in final negotiations with “a major retailer” to distribute the music in physical form, and a highly interactive website will also provide an opportunity to buy.

Woot! Three albums! I really hope they are stellar like 3121 and not average like the recent Planet Earth release. I will give some thoughts once they are released. Seems like 2009 will be a good year to be a Prince fan. One question, what is with the graphics on the new Prince site? Looks like the cover of a Scientology magazine…not sure what The Man is thinking.

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