Those who know me know I am a huge comic book fan, specifically Batman is one of my favorite all time characters. I am not talking jump on the bandwagon Batman movies or even The Dark Night Returns (which was amazing!), I mean 25+ years ago when I was scraping my allowance together to buy comics.

The Joker has always resonated with me, I have dressed as him for Halloween, I have even read ‘the best Joker stories ever told’ (not bad). So when I heard that The Joker in Batman Arkham Asylum would be voiced by the great Mark Hammil (he played the Joker in the Animated series, he is a surprisingly gifted voice actor) I was very excited.

Well add to that excitement! An ad was leaked in Playstation Home showing this poster:

Woot, PS3 exclusive Joker specific content! Sign me up and this guarantees I will be buying the PS3 version…the game already looks amazing, this was just icing on the cake.

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