PAX East 2019 Preview: Heave Ho

Some games are deep, some are tough and others are mindless, but the ones that just make you laugh and hoot while you play are rare. Heave Ho which was revealed at PAX East 2019 made me laugh and grin like a schoolboy throughout my entire play session.

At first glance this little game from Independent developer Le Cartel and publisher Devolver Digital seems too strange to be real. I started my match picking what my odd little creature, really just a head and arms, looked like. A number of arm types and head options were available to make my monstrosity unique.

Once we had all picked (this is best played as 4 player co-op) the level started as did the fun and shouting. The point of Heave Ho is to simply get to the end of the level and land all of our creatures in the resting spot. Do do this true co-operation and zany antics are needed.

Each level has a series of obstacles and all I could do is grip anything – walls, other creatures, myself even, swing and drop. By carefully gripping walls and other players and then swinging our collective masses we could eventually get around obstacles.

The hilarity starts when some people lose their grips, or if one of us got tangled or left behind. Whenever one of us dropped of the screen the character is shredded and multi-colored goo is flung on the level itself.

The sheer ridiculousness of the characters and actions needed to complete the levels is truly a joy to experience and it made me and three strangers buddies by the end of our 30 minutes of playing.

Heave Ho is coming out summer 2019 for PC and Nintendo Switch – which if promoted wisely could be a terrific platform for the game. It really is a fantastic co-op couch game and guaranteed to brings laughs from both players and anyone watching.

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