PAX East 2022 – Coverage round-up

I wrote a lot of articles about PAX east this year. Some on the experience at the convention, some chronicling day to day activities and other focusing on specific games.

While it is great to search or scroll through a site to see what news and games I covered at PAX East I figured as a giving soul I would break it down in a concise way. I know, I know I am far too nice and helpful, I can’t help it, I am Canadian.

The PAX East Experience

Ever want to know what PAX is all about? What to expect? What to do and see? Well this article has you covered with a breakdown on the show as well as how to get in and what things you can see or do.

The Social Side of PAX East

PAX is full of games, tons of walking around and plenty to see and do, but what about all the social activities? In this article I outline the panels, community and charity events as well as the parties in and around the Boston area tied to PAX.

PAX East 2022 – Day One

Ahh the first day of a fresh new PAX East. Monday is by far the chillest day at PAX East so I checked out the Expo Hall, did some early Merch shopping and saw a ton of games. It was also important to talk about the vaccine mandate and how to navigate PAX safely.

Featuring looks at Dolmen, The Last Oricru and Rusted Moss I had a chance to check out some truly fun and original titles.

PAX East 2022 – Day Two

The second day of PAX East is generally the fullest day of the conference. Check in is done, the Expo Hall is understood and it is a day of pure discovery.

I had a chance to explore a few Table Top games like Robot Quest Arena and Star Realms! as well as the fun mech game Uragun and some interesting accessibility updates to the amazing Dead Cells.

PAX East 2022 – Day Three

Oh Saturdays at PAX East, the only sold out day of the expo but with the new layout and restrictions it still felt manageable. I planned my day a bit differently on Saturday and spent a lot of time in the Tabletop area, explored the nooks and crannies of the expo hall and enjoyed the great Boston weather.

As I explored I sampled some old fashioned soft drinks, played quick sessions of D&D and Magic The Gathering and checked out a great pixelated game called No Place For Bravery.

PAX East 2022 – Day Four

The final day of PAX East is a bittersweet one with a shorter day and a keen desire to see the things we may have missed. I took some time to get some final merch shopping done and said hi to a number of the vendors, staff and participants I had met during the last few days.

I did check out a pile of games as well despite the shorter day. Games like Cursed to Golf, Brick Tales, Asterigos and The Last Hero of Nostalgaia were all quite different but very fun.

PAX East 2022The Last Worker and Arcade Paradise

Two of the best games I checked out at PAX East (and there were so many good games) was The Last Worker and Arcade Paradise.

The Last Worker is a first person narrative adventure centered around humanities struggle in an increasingly automated world. It is quirky, dark, filled with personality and will be a breakout narrative hit, mark my words

Arcade Paradise on the surface is an arcade business simulator but as soon as the brilliant intro sequence starts it is plain this game is much more than that. The developer created 35+ real arcade experiences within the game and the depth of the title was stunning.

An arcade business simulator with all the features they have would have been plenty, the addition of the many playable games just made this a must play title.

PAX East 2022 – TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge and Cult of the Lamb

One of the most popular game demos at PAX East by far was the return of an arcade style TMNT game, but the other game featured here will be an Indie hot once released.

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge pays homage to classic TMNT games like Turtles In Time and delivers a beautifully realized side scrolling beat-em-up invoking the Turtles’ legendary 1987 design. This is a fantastic new entry into the classic genre and the inclusion of April O’Neal and Splinter is icing on the cake.

Cult of the Lamb was a vastly different experience I was able to check out and the cutesy yet violently dark style resonated with me. Gameplay wise it feels very Binding of Isaac meets Don’t Starve meets Hades and I enjoyed the heck out of the demo.

PAX East 2022 – Phantom Brigade and Industries of Titan

These were games I had checked out at the last in person PAX East in 2020 and it was great to see how far they had come in the past 2 years.

Phantom Brigade is a mech based turn-based tactical RPG with a big hook centered around abilities to see enemies movements before they happen. The game is a much deeper experience now with a lot more polish, a huge step up in graphics, better customization and a greatly enhanced story and tactical mode.

In Industries of Titan  you design your city and grow it from just a few small buildings into a massive metropolis while also fending of rivals and trying to keep productivity high. This game has also come a long way with some nice graphical tweaks, ship building mechanics and upcoming corporate nemesis’s.

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